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Why Amish Furniture Is The Best

In the age of cheap, mass-produced products, it’s understandable to ask, why Amish furniture? And yet, living in the age of cheap, mass-produced furniture—that’s exactly why people choose Amish furniture! You might not realize that Amish furniture is every bit as affordable as pieces from the major brands. The difference is, every Amish furniture piece is built by master craftsmen using tried-and-true methods of joinery and construction. You won’t find that quality in factory-built furniture.

Does solid wood really make a difference? Yes. It absolutely does. People have used wood for millennia to build important structures that need to last for decades. It was only in the 20th century that “advances” in technology created new, unnatural types of materials and faster ways of building with them. While synthetic materials have their place in architecture, engineering, packaging, and so on, we believe they don’t perform well as structural components in furniture. When it comes to furniture, you could say we’re totally retro. The Amish had it right all along!

Quality isn’t the only thing to love about Amish furniture. If you’re concerned about the environment, you can buy Amish furniture with confidence. Since it’s made entirely of natural wood, Amish furniture will return to nature if—heaven forbid—it’s ever discarded. (Why would you discard it? You’d have to be crazy!) Mass-produced furniture from major brands often includes MDF, or particle board. MDF is a wood composite injected with resin. It’s hard, heavy, and impermeable to moisture. That means it takes years to biodegrade.

Wait a minute. If wood is so good at biodegrading, how will Amish furniture last for decades in the home? Glad you asked! Wood only rots if it isn’t fully dried and is then exposed to extreme changes in moisture and temperature. Out in the woods, a fallen tree is subjected to the cold of winter and the heat of summer. The changes in temperature and humidity cause the wood to crack, giving moisture more and more access to the internal fibers. With moisture comes bacteria, mold, and so on—and it’s all over for our little fallen tree.

You don’t have to worry about this with Amish furniture. All of our hardwoods are fully dried and stabilized before we begin construction. That means that even with the humidity changes between winter and summer, your furniture will never crack. Amish craftsmen use a finishing process which seals the wood from outside moisture. That means that your American hardwoods remain incredibly stable under their finish. Properly finished and placed in a home environment, Amish furniture will literally outlast generation after generation of owners.

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