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  • Furniture for a Rustic Kitchen

    Kitchens with a rustic feel may be all the rage right now, but the wonderful thing about them is that they’re absolutely timeless. Rustic kitchen f...

    Contemporary homes demand sleek, streamlined and sophisticated dining room designs. The idea of a dining room has evolved over the years. Many home...
  • How to Design A Classic Living Room in the Modern Era

    There is a difference between “old-fashioned” and “old” when it comes to furniture and design. These days you can have a beautifully designed livin...
  • Home Office Ideas for a Clean and Classic Look

    All around the world millions of people had to scramble and create themselves a home office last year. Now that we’re almost a year into the “work ...
  • 3 Reasons Your Kitchen Needs Solid Wood Furniture

    When you’re designing a kitchen, you’ll likely want to furnish it with pieces that you know will last. Solid wood kitchen furniture is built to wit...
  • Choosing the Right Work Desk for Home Office

    If you belong to those people who work from home or run home based business, then having the right home office furniture is important. Having a right set of solid Wood Furniture is important that helps to create a working environment. From desk to chair, everything matters when setting up space. It is important that you connect with the right...

    Do furniture styles ever mess with your head? Contemporary style is not modern... is it? Traditional style should include formal furniture...right? And transitional style furniture, this one is a combination of what again? Classic and contemporary decor!

    You may have heard people describing an interior design or an individual piece of furniture as transitional. The transitional style takes inspiration from any period in history and has been getting quite a bit of attention in recent years- for good reason. People are opting for transitional style due to its versatility, allowing them to design a home that is truly unique and functional.

    That said incorporating transitional design furniture at home not only transforms your existing place but creates comfort and practicality as well.

    Picking the right furniture is paramount to creating a transitional style in your home. Placing your bets on Amish handcrafted furniture won’t make you regret at all.

  • Real Wood Furniture: The 2020 Guide

    Wood furniture has been popular and in demand among all types of homeowners for centuries. No wonder there is such a wide variety of wooden furniture available in the market these days. The larger the selection, the more choices people have to meet their unique needs. Just like the assortment at Online Amish Furniture - whether you are looking for a single solid wood coffee table or a matching dining room set and kitchen chairs, we have everything you will need to furnish your home just the way you want. With real wood furniture, our craftsmen create timeless pieces that complement the unique theme of your house for years to come.

    However, with such a wide variety to choose from, it also becomes more difficult to narrow down the best real wood furniture.

    This guide will give an overview on the types of wood used in furniture, their construction, things to keep in mind, like determining your home’s style/theme and measuring the space, to avoid difficulties later.

  • Renovate your Ordinary Room into the Perfect Space for the Most Epic Movie Marathon

    Cold winter nights, a fireplace to create warmth in the room, a wide screen in the front, bass pumping, a slice of pizza in hand - all while enjoying your favorite movies with your loved ones. Who doesn’t want to experience such a dreamy setting in their home? If you are one of us who loves the idea of enjoying movies at home, here is a blog that’s dedicatedly written to make your theatrical home experience pleasing. Happy reading!

    Watching the latest blockbuster movie with your family late at night at the comfort of your bedroom or living room is some of the best memories everyone cherishes while growing up. Maybe that’s where the dream of owning a personal home movie theater starts. But due to its steep price tag, home movie theater was initially a thing of the wealthy.

    Fortunately, that is no longer a case. Today, with modern technology and the availability of perfect furniture pieces in the market, everyone can now create their own home theater on a budget. You can find a huge variety of Amish made furniture that turns any basic room into a cozy home theater.

    Besides, the way we experience cinema has drastically changed in the last decade. Most people today prefer to stream movies online and connect their devices to the TV for a more personalized theater feel at the comfort of their home rather than going to a movie theater.

    To bring home the traditional feeling of watching a movie at a cinema hall, find yourself the right balance between various equipment and build a personal home theater heaven with these useful ideas.

  • The 45 Best Things Still Made in the USA

    For a long time now, we’ve heard how manufacturing is moving overseas—and taking all the jobs with it. While this is sadly true in many areas, industry and innovation aren’t dead here in the US of A. Our great country is still producing amazing products with superior quality. You just have to know where to look! In this article, we’ve...
  • Decorate your Space with Mission Style Furniture

    If you are planning to replace your home furniture and give a whole new look to space, then mission style furniture is the best to go. If you haven't heard about this furniture, then it is important that you know about its origin and then how you can decorate your space with it. Mission style furniture dates back to 1894...
  • Selecting the Right Dining Chairs for your Kitchen

    From your lazy breakfasts to dinner party sessions, everything happens over the dining room. In a home, dining room or the kitchen space is an important area which requires extra attention. From kitchen chairs to cabinetry, everything has to be perfect because it the place is known to be the most dynamic room in the house. Kitchen chairs are an...