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American Made Furniture

Why Choose Custom, Made in America Furniture

If you want to add character to your interior, then custom made furniture may be the way to go. You can get unique pieces that fit your style, plus you'll be supporting local economy. Many people complain about the jobs leaving the U.S., yet they continue to shop at Walmart, Kmart and Ikea.

Supporting local craftsmen, who use locally grown wood, will provide you with quality products that your family will enjoy for not just for a few years (before it falls apart), but for entire generations, while also providing jobs to people in your area.

Why Lowest Price is Not Always Best

Economic globalization has enabled the "lowest price" to trump all other factors of furniture shopping, particularly quality. Yet, you usually get what you pay for. In case of furniture, there are so many other important factors to consider. If high quality and durability is important to you, then going with the cheapest option should not be on top of your buying criteria.

Choosing Your Style

When specifying the furniture, you'll be able to select what style you like. Whether you need a modern or more traditional piece, or a set for your bedroom, dining, living, home office or outdoor, you can choose the exact style and dimensions, while being sure that all the items are really 100% made in the USA.

Choosing your Wood

When selecting your furniture style, you'll be able to choose the type of wood it's made from. You'll be able to select from a wide selection of local woods, such as Red oak and Cherry (both widely used in furniture production), as well as Maple, White Oak, Walnut and beautiful Hickory, plus most of these woods come in rustic woods too.

Support Small American Business

Small furniture makers take pride in their work. Usually, the furniture they create combines exceptional quality materials and craftsmanship to result in unique works of utility and art.

Plus, they can create items of any size, shape and quantity from architect drawings and designs, pictures, and the imagination. No job is too small or large or too unusual; from a coffin for a pet to 30′ arches for a drive through.

In a day and age when cheap, low quality, "composite materials" are concealed beneath imitation veneers, it's comforting to know that master-crafted, solid wood furniture is still style.

It's also a delight to know each handmade creation will be cherished by your family for a lifetime and by future generations to come.