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5 Best Solid Wooden Bookcases

The quest for the perfect bookcase is somewhat like embarking on a treasure hunt for your literary loot, don’t you think?

You walk into a furniture store, excited about shopping for your bookcase and come across a plethora of options; won’t that be thrilling?

However, while you are out on your shopping expedition, you need to consider some essential factors before you make your purchase-

  1. Measure the space where you’ll be putting the bookcase
  2. Make sure the bookcase has enough compartments to hold all your books
  3. Consider the overall aesthetics of your space
  4. Check the robustness of your bookcase

Considering these factors, you can pick out the perfect furniture for your literary collection.

Normally, when we talk about bookcases, the first thing that comes to our mind are wooden bookcases. These shelves are known for their sturdiness, timelessness, and visually attractive.

In this blog, we have listed some of our popular wooden bookcases that will help you choose the right furniture piece.

But first, let’s discuss- 

Why Should You Choose Wooden Bookcases?

  • Durability: Wooden bookcases can be the perfect long-term investment for you as these pieces of furniture are strong and durable. 
  • Timeless Charm: Whether you have a rustic or modern set-up in your home or office, wooden bookcases is the perfect match for you. 
  • Versatility: Since there are different styles and finishes of bookcases available, choosing the perfect furniture piece to suit your interior can become easy. 
  • Environmental Friendliness: Wooden bookcases these are eco-friendly as they are made of sustainable materials. 
  • Value: Wooden bookcases are the perfect long-term investment, even though they cost slightly higher than other bookcases. Not only are they strong, they are visually appealing. 
  • Aging Gracefully: Usually other bookcases lose their charm with time. But, wooden bookcases are known for their evergreen charm. 

5 Best Solid Wooden Bookcases: Our Picks

  1. Traditional Barrister Bookcase: These bookcases are classic furniture pieces and have shelves, compartments, and a glass door, designed for keeping and showcasing books. Traditional barrister bookcases, as the name suggests, were first designed during the late 19th and 20th century for lawyers. With time, these bookcases became a staple for both home and office décor. These bookcases are made of superior quality of wood like oak or mahogany and designed with intricate detailing, making them a vintage piece. Traditional barrister bookcases are functional and are perfect heirloom pieces. Traditional Barrister Bookcase Sale Price: $803.00


  1. Landmark Open Bookcases: These bookcases come with open front and smooth finish, and are the perfect example of modernity and traditionalism. Since the landmark open bookcases do not have glass front doors, it becomes easy to access your books or home décor items easily. These bookcases are usually made of wood, metal or a mix of both; and are available in different sizes and configurations. Also, these are pieces are perfect for your home or office because of their minimalistic and stylish design that enhance the aesthetics of your room. Landmark Open Bookcases Sale Price: $846.00

  1. Berkley Barrister Bookcase: If you are looking for a practical yet sophisticated solution for your books, Berkley barrister bookcases are your option. These bookcases have proper compartments and a glass front like traditional barrister bookcases. These Berkley barrister bookcases are made of quality wood and robust hardware, enhancing their durability and sophistication. Since these bookcases are best suited for different interior décor, they are the perfect piece for elegance and practicality. Berkley Barrister Bookcase Sale Price: $836.00

  1. McCoy Bookcase: McCoy bookcases have seamless arrangement and are a practical solution. These modern furniture pieces can enhance any living room décor or office space. Also, these bookcases have a minimalistic design, and are perfect for storing books, home décor items, and more; and are the perfect example of modernity. Usually the McCoy bookcases are made of wood or metal and are known for their stylishness and versatility, making them best suited for home or office. Mccoy Bookcase Sale Price: $2,948.00

  1. Shaker Barrister Bookcase: As the name suggests, the Shaker barrister bookcases are a mix of Shaker artistry and modular design of traditional barrier bookcases. They come with proper shelves and are stylish, making them elegant and practical solutions. Also, they have glass fronts like traditional barrister bookcases. Shaker barrister bookcases are mostly made of quality wood and have intricate designs, making them a simple yet functional option.Shaker Barrister Bookcase Sale Price $803.00

Wrapping Up,

If you are wondering where to purchase the perfect wooden bookcase from, Online Amish Furniture is your one-stop shopping destination.

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