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Butterfly Leaves

Butterfly leaves are mounted permanently to the table. The table is opened and the leaf folds in half and is stored beneath the top. tables are limited to 2 butterfly leaves max.

Butterfly Leaf Storage OpenButterfly Leaf Stored

Fifth Leg

Most Amish legged tables are designed to accept up to two 12" leaves before requiring a 5th leg to be added to support the center. This requirement varies based on starting size and number of leaves purchased. The fifth leg is attached via a washer and nut and may be left in the table or removed and used only when leaves are installed.

Fifth Leg


Geared Table Slides

A table slide system consisting of wooden bars with a tooth and gear system mounted on the top. Our Amish pedestal and Amish trestle tables feature this system as a standard. Geared slides are ideal for these style tables as they are supported in the center and stiffer on the ends.

Geared Table Slides


Wooden Table Slides

A table slide system consisting of wooden bars which are grooved and slide to allow for table expansion. Our Amish leg tables utilize wood slides as they are designed to be stiff in the center and supported on the ends.

Wood Table Slides



Sometimes also called an "apron", the skirt is a board that is attached to the bottom of the table top and runs around the table hiding the mounting and table glide systems.

Table Skirt


Table Top Shapes

Our tops come in a variety of table top shapes.  Not all shapes are available for every table.  Our shapes are designed to match the astetics of the overall design and style.

 Table Top Shapes


Amish table leaves come in a variety of sizes based on the table top size. Our standard 1" thick tops have 12" wide leaves. The special planked and bread boarded tops will offer leaves in 16" or 18" widths.  Most leaves are numbered for installing in numeral order.  This helps align the leaves and grain properly, as the leaves were cut from the solid table top.

Table Self Storing Leaves



Amish tables have a screw out leveler adjustment on the bottom of each leg, pedestal foot or trestle post. Levelers allow height adjustments for uneven floors.

Table Base Levelers


Plank and Breadboard Tops

Breadboard tops are an old style table construction method featuring boards running lengthwise with a board running width wise at the leaf opening or table ends. Please note that these tops require a stable humidity environment! As the center boards expand/contract opposite of the end boards, a slight overhang or recessed area is considered a normal condition in this style of top.  Plank top tables are not recommended in Grey Elm, Hickory, Rustic Hickory and Hard Maple due to expansion and contraction. •No repair or warranty on Grey Elm, Hickory, Rustic Hickory or Hard Maple Plank top tables.

Breadbox Humidity GapBreadbox End Humidity Gap


Self Storing

Many Amish Tables feature a self storing option. That is, the leaves for the table can be stored by opening the top and laying the leaves in parallel to the table. As these options vary based on the table design, please check the tables description for more information. Round and square tops CANNOT self store.

Table Self Storing Leaves


Table Edges

Beveled Edge- The top of the Amish table features an angled edge. The beveled edge compliments Mission and Shaker style tables nicely.

Eased Edge- Sometimes referred to as a "Mission" edge. The edge of this Amish table top has the sharpness sanded off leaving a square edge. Eased edges are used on shaker, mission and contemporary style Amish tables.

3/4" Roundover Edge- The top edge of the Amish table top is rounded removing any edge. Also know as a "bullnose" edge.

Ogee Edge- An "S" shaped table edge used on traditional and formal style Amish tables.

Underbevel Edge- The side of the Amish table features an under angled edge. This bevel edge compliments Mission and Shaker style tables nicely.

Waterfall Edge- Similar to the Roundover edge, but starts the radius farther in toward the center to create a waterfall design.

Table Edges