Buying new furniture is an exciting prospect – be it for a new home or an existing abode that is going through remodeling. But there’s more to furniture shopping than just searching the internet to find wholesale prices on furniture of your choice. After all, you don’t want to spend a fortune on furniture pieces that look absolutely stunning but won’t last more than a year or two.

The good news is choosing Amish furniture alone will eliminate a lot of your worries from the buying process. This is because Amish-made pieces stand for highest degrees of durability and quality standards – thanks to the traditional craftsmanship and years of expertise that goes into crafting intriguing furniture pieces out of premium quality hardwood. However, even with those benefits – from stately appearance to time less designs and durable heirloom quality construction - you will still need to look at some considerations to make sure your purchase is worth the time and money, especially if you are a first-time buyer. That doesn’t, of course, mean that the buying process is complicated; but knowing a few key considerations beforehand will only help you avoid hassles and feeling overwhelmed and indecisive during the buying process.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these considerations.

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1. Decide on a Theme First

Before you hop on your shopping journey, decide on a theme to have a clear understanding of how you want to decorate your home and how you want it to look with your furniture placed. Having a plan in advance will help you avoid rushing out and buy the first item you see in an Amish furniture store. You don’t want to waste your money on a furniture piece that looks amazing in the store, but doesn’t fit your preferred decoration. So, decide beforehand whether you want to go for a contemporary or a classic design; also check if there are existing Amish pieces, like an Amish dining table & chairs or a dresser & chest, that you intend to match with your new purchase.    


Another important action you must take before heading out for your furniture shopping is taking accurate measurements of the space that you intend to furnish. This is an inevitable step, especially if you have a limited space, to making sure you don’t end up buying oversized Amish dining table or couch.

It is advisable to use a painter’s tape or simply lay down cardboard over the space you plan to furnish to get an idea of the actual size of the furniture that is suitable for the given space. Once you have the measurements, always carry them with you while shopping. Note that finding the right size is important because Amish furniture is not mass produced like those big box furniture piece. Most of them are hand-crafted, which means if provide wrong measurements you may not be able to dins another one with the same design. 

3. Pick Your Wood Wisely

The type of wood used to manufacture your furniture decides how long it will last. So, be sure to take the time to research your wood options and understand how they differ. The type of wood you need depends on factors like how frequently it is going to be used and how durable it would be in a given climate. Wood is generally categorized in two types – hardwood and softwood, which further have different options.

Hardwoods – which includes oak, maple and cherry, are generally more preferred than softwoods like pine, cedar and larch as they are relatively stronger and more stable. If the hardwood comes from a colder climate, you can expect it to be denser.

In addition, consider the type of stain as it affects how the furniture will look aesthetically. If you are planning to match your furniture with an existing theme, keep in mind that the type of wood and stain you choose to be used in your furniture will largely impact the final color of the product.

4. Ask Necessary Questions

According to research data, 67% of consumers who bought wood furniture and more than 80 percent of those who bought sofas, were simply unaware of the kind of quality they were spending their money on. Looks and price are not good indicators of the quality you get when you are buying furniture. You need to have complete knowledge of the furniture and the vendor you are buying from. That said, it is important to ask your vendor right questions to determine if their furniture is reliable and to make sure you pay a fair price for your purchase.

Refer to the following list to get an idea of things you should be asking your vendor when making a furniture purchase:

  • What customization features do you offer?
  • Will any type of customization cost me extra than regular prices?
  • How was this furniture made?
  • What guarantee or warrantee do you offer?
  • What is your return policy?
  • What kind of Amish furniture will best suit my needs?
  • What’s the life expectancy of the furniture I’m buying?

Answers to these questions will inform your decision and help you determine if your vendor is worth your trust. In addition to these questions, you can also seek genuine reviews from former customers of your potential vendor, which will tell you a lot about their reputation and service.


When you are on the lookout for Amish furniture, you will have a choice of styles and designs; and as a first-time buyer, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all the beautiful options presented to you. The last thing you want to do is make an impulsive purchase.

We hope this information helps you make an informed decision about your Amish furniture purchase, but if you need a little more guidance, it’s worth taking the time to visit our online store and talk with one of our experienced team members who will address your doubts and concerns related to Amish furniture while helping you get the best value out of your purchase.
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