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Amish Furniture Store: Truly Unique Interior Decorating Ideas

Amish furniture is well known for its beauty and high quality. It’s very durable and is in very high demand because it’s a good value for your investment. If you have a taste for the best and finest things in life, then this is the perfect choice for you when it comes to decorating your home. Why is going to an Amish furniture store an ideal option?

The Raw Materials Used to Make the Furniture

When the Amish make furniture, they use only wood that comes from deciduous trees that slowly grow to collect the best quality of wood. They say that good things come to those who wait and this is a perfect example. Typically, the items you will find in an Amish furniture store are made from Cherry, Walnut, Maple or Oak wood because it is very durable and important for long lasting furniture. Once the wood is collected, it is dried in a kiln and then the furniture manufacturing process begins. These decorative items are in very high demand because these days, many manufacturers don’t use real wood. Instead, they use plywood and boards that don’t hold well with time.

Intricately Designed and Decorative Furniture

The design is a twist of classic design and contemporary design to make unique decorations for your home. You’ll see many different classic pieces at an Amish furniture store as well as well-crafted, beautiful contemporary designs plus those that combine both looks in one. The Amish love the classic designs that are always in style. Because they are strong and good quality, they can be heirlooms for the current generation and future generations as well.

No Cheating or Short Cuts When It’s Made

The furniture you find at an Amish furniture store is all made by hand. You won’t find any machine made pieces. Handmade items are much stronger than machine made merchandise and because it’s made with love to last for a lifetime. The Amish people have always honored the traditional methods for creating custom masterpieces or general works of art. They never rush to finish anything and are made one part at a time to perfect the intricate details and designs found at an Amish furniture store. The furniture takes time and this is not sacrificed to keep its beauty and design.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Process

Amish furniture store pieces are manufactured without any machinery so there isn't any environmental damage and there are no chemicals used. The process does not include any toxic components and environmental resources are not drained or even required for that matter. Everything comes from nature without harming it and without harming anyone else. The Amish don’t waste anything so this is a big plus for the good quality merchandise that is produced.

It’s all made at Home in the USA

Amish furniture store merchandise doesn't come from any other country but the United States. It’s all proudly made by the Amish in Pennsylvania. Because it’s made here, you’ll be able to tell if it’s a replica or not. You won’t find pieces that are exactly alike because they’re all handmade. It’s all unique and high quality. If it’s custom made, no person but you will have it.

A Short History of the Furniture

The Amish have been manufacturing furniture for a very long time but this asset wasn't recognized until the 1920's when people first sparked an interest in folk art. This created a boom in the interest in buying the merchandise through an Amish furniture store. Different styles then came into play to create different interior design effects in the home and business locations. It’s not just a piece of wood anywhere. The Amish managed to create masterpieces from wood.

Different Styles in an Amish Furniture Store

Everyone knows there are different styles but most people wouldn't be able to tell what Amish furniture is and what is not. All they know is that it’s made of wood but this isn't enough information is it? If you went to an Amish furniture store would you know the difference?

Believe it or not, the decorative masterpieces that are handmade were not meant to add a decorative touch but to do the job they were designed to do. They are more functional than anything else. A bed was meant for sleeping and a sofa and loveseat set was meant for sitting and enjoying company.

There are four unique styles to choose from at an Amish furniture store. You will find Mission, Queen Anne, Contemporary or Shaker style. All of them are unique based on the characteristics each one has.

Mission Style Amish Furniture Store

This is the most popular style that is available and purchased at an Amish Furniture store. The base of the legs has a flare and the furniture has inset doors and inset drawers plus an arch on the furniture. You’ll also see panels of glass. You’ll also find some furniture of this style with crown moldings to beautify the furniture. This is more intricately designed and detailed than other styles.

Queen Anne Style Amish Furniture Store

This particular style refers mainly to tables. Usually they are shaped in an oval with curved legs. The chairs have intricate designs on them similar to expensive royalty furniture. It’s typically found in home dining rooms and also fine dining commercial buildings.

Shaker Style Amish Furniture Store

This style looks like the shape of a box with straight legs that are square and are designed only to keep the furniture lifted up and off the floor. There are no decorations and just plain and simple furniture that only serves the purpose. Just like with the mission style, the drawers and doors are also inset and have only a little wooden piece to open and close compartments. It has only straight lines for design and not much more than this. There isn’t anything fancy about this but it is always good, handmade quality because high quality wood is used.

Contemporary Style Amish Furniture Store

You’ll still have the old, antique and traditional look but you’ll have a twist of contemporary in it as well. There are some Amish furniture store craftsmen that are blessed with the talent to do this and make the furniture look fabulous. The designs are clean without any flaws and you can still identify the lines that are in the design. Some designers incorporate both wood and other materials like metal to create a unique look like you've never seen before. You’ll find it at an Amish furniture store in black with a very smooth feel to the wood. Though it is more modern, it’s still made my hand and this will never change, no matter which style you prefer to bring into your home.

An Amish furniture store is the perfect place to find this type of furniture to make your home have an antique and traditional look that the Amish are so good at creating. You’ll find many different items like tables, chairs, bedroom sets and much more. You’ll be able to find things that will fall into a small medium or large budget if you take the time to look and find something that suits your tastes and preferences as well. It will be well worth the investment to bring the old and new together.

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