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Amish Made: The Best Choice for Summer Outdoor Furniture

With summer in full swing across the country, is there a better time to explore your outdoor furniture options? Although better known for traditional furniture like dining and living room sets, the Amish are quite adept at creating stunning and durable furniture for the outdoors as well. Amish-made outdoor furniture is a great option for anyone looking for a beautiful piece that can stand the test of time.
Amish furniture is renowned for its meticulous build, quality, timeless styling, and attention to detail. The Amish are passionate about the art of furniture making and have passed along centuries of knowledge from generation to generation. When you buy authentic Amish pieces, you can rest assured that you’ll be purchasing a piece of furniture that was made by the hands of a passionate and experienced craftsman here in America. It is this same devotion to quality and workmanship that has established the Amish as some of the premier furniture makers in the world.

What Makes outdoor Amish furniture superior to the alternatives?

You’ve heard that Amish furniture is superior to other furniture, but have you ever thought about why? Keep reading to discover what exactly sets this quality furniture apart from the alternatives!

Quality Materials:

Unlike resin and other plastic-polymer-based furniture, Amish-made outdoor furniture is typically built with 100% hardwood – you’ll never find cheap plastic or particle board alternatives in an authentic piece of Amish furniture. At Online Amish Furniture, our outdoor wood furniture is available in cypress or treated pine. These woods are known for their durability and propensity to withstand the outdoor elements. Cypress in particular has been used for thousands of years due to its resistance to insects and the elements in general. If left unstained, both cypress and pine will darken with age to a rustic grayish color. We offer a number of staining options for those looking for a more personalized color that will last for years to come - even in tough summer conditions.

Timeless Designs:

Furniture, like everything else, is prone to design trends. But just because a lot of today’s ‘modern’ outdoor furniture makers are following these trends doesn’t mean you should as well. If you’re looking for a trendy piece of furniture, then Amish-made furniture might not be the right choice for you. If, however, you’d like to invest your money in a timeless piece of furniture that stands the test of time both from a design and a durability perspective, you’ll find no better option than Amish furniture.
Furniture really just needs to serve two main purposes. First, it’s got to be comfortable. Second, it’s got to be aesthetically pleasing. The Amish have mastered the art of balancing these two attributes, resulting in timeless outdoor furniture designs that have that classic aesthetic without sacrificing comfort or function.


When people talk about the craftsmanship of Amish furniture, you’ll often hear the phrase “heirloom quality” – but what does that even mean? The word heirloom actually has its origins in British estate law, originally created as a portmanteau of heir and loom, another word for tool. Essentially, heirloom quality means that the item will last for generations, and be able to be passed from heir to heir. Although expecting heirloom quality out of outdoor furniture may be asking just a bit too much, you can expect outdoor Amish-made furniture to outlast any other wood-based outdoor furniture. Their generations of experience are applied to every piece of furniture they make, whether it’s designed for the dining room or the patio.
Amish Handcrafted Furniture
Although the initial investment in outdoor Amish furniture may seem expensive, the “you get what you pay for” adage rings especially true when it comes to outdoor furniture. A lot of the more ‘affordable’ alternatives are made from molds and attention to detail in items like this is less than desirable. On top of that, these products are not created with the same love and care that each and every piece of Amish-made furniture receives. Sure, you might save a few dollars initially, but you’ll likely end up spending more over the years as cheap resin outdoor furniture options might require replacement frequently. 
Amish Cypress Adirondack Footrest
We’re proud to offer a number of outdoor Amish furniture options to our customers. Apart from our selection of cypress and pine furniture, we offer a full line of Amish made outdoor poly lumber furniture products as well. Though a bit more expensive, poly lumber will not crack, rot or peel. Best of all, the only thing you need to maintain your poly lumber is a simple garden hose!
Amish Cypress Double Adirondack Chair
We offer all sorts of Amish-made chairs and other outdoor patio furniture for your patio, deck, or backyard. If you’re looking for chairs for the back porch, consider our Cypress Adirondack Chair, great for lounging in on those long summer evenings. If relaxation is a top priority, pair it with our Cypress Adirondack Footrest - a match made in heaven. Check out our entire selection of Amish-made Outdoor Furniture for more ideas!

Here are some examples of Outdoor Furniture-

                           Cypress Grandpa Glider                              
Amish Cypress Grandpa Glider

Cypress Grandpa Swing

Amish Cypress Grandpa Swing

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