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Buying Bedroom Furniture? Ask Yourself These Questions Before Making the Final Decision

Furniture shopping is exciting to most people, but it is not something you would find yourself doing frequently, especially when it comes to the bedroom. So, it makes sense to put in the time and attention to end up with a fruitful experience instead of remorse and return/exchange hassles.

We have put together some key questions you need to ask yourself when buying bedroom furniture which will help you avoid impulse buying and regretful decisions.

How much am I willing to spend?

Starting to look for your options before working out a realistic budget can set you up for more expenses in the long run. Estimate the maximum amount of money you can spend in your bedroom furniture.

One way to set your budget is to break it down into three parts:

  • Savings you have available for immediate purchases.
  • A monthly or quarterly amount you can save for small purchases.
  • The amount you can save each month for bigger future purchases.

Keeping aside an estimate will enable you to make better decisions about other aspects of your potential furniture and bring home something you would absolutely love.

How much space do I have?

The next thing you want to think over right after setting aside a budget is space. This will help you determine the size and number of pieces you would be purchasing. If you have a small bedroom, you will only want to look for pieces that are absolutely essential and something that can serve multiple purposes. A large space, on the other hand, will allow you to accommodate more pieces but they have to be scaled properly as small pieces tend to look scattered in large spaces.

To get an idea of the number of furniture units you need and ways you can place them around, create a floor plan for your bedroom which should involve:

  • Measuring the length and height of the walls.
  • Measuring the size and placement of doors and windows.
  • Considering the number and location of lighting fixtures and power outlets present in the room.

With these estimations in hand, you will make sure that you don’t end up purchasing wrong-sized furniture that doesn’t pass through your doors or buy too many to adjust in your bedroom.

How and who is going to utilise the furniture?

When you are choosing furniture for a bedroom that is used by only you, there’s obviously more freedom in choosing a style, size, fabric or pattern. However, if you are going to share the bedroom with other people, you will need to consider and address the needs and preferences of others as well.

This way, you will be able to determine the type, height width and even depth of the bedroom furniture you need to ensure maximum functionality and comfort for individuals who are going to use it. This consideration should also allow you to mindfully choose the colors, finishes and materials of the furniture to create a personalised interior theme.

Are there any other furniture pieces in the room already?

Not just furniture, but any artwork or fabrics like rugs or curtains that you already have in your room can give you a good place to start. It is suggested to take into account any pre-existing pieces that can significantly affect the visual appeal of the bedroom.

Choosing your furniture without keeping existing pieces in mind can make your room look uninviting, inconsistent and more confusing even if all pieces are appealing individually. It is also advised to consider if the new furniture is destined to serve as a centrepiece of the room or to play a secondary role.

How long do I plan to use it?

Your answer to this question will help you better decide how much you will be willing to spend on your purchase or whether you are ready to make any compromise. Generally, when you purchase any furniture you expect it to last at least a few years. If you live in a rented place and relocate frequently, you want to invest in something that is not very expensive but can last for a couple of years. However, if you have your own property and are looking to buy furniture that is made to last a lifetime, it is important to take the time to do extensive research and ensure quality.

At Online Amish Furniture, we save you the research time and effort that you would otherwise spend looking for an Amish furniture store online by suggesting you a hand-picked range of bedroom furniture. Considering your bedroom size, interior theme, budget and other needs, we can provide you with a variety of choices to choose from which will offer maximum durability and functionality.

What features to look out for?

It is natural for every homeowner to look for aspects like finish, colour, style and material when buying furniture. To ensure long-term comfort, functionality and durability, you will need to look beyond these features and pay attention to more crucial structural areas like legs and corners of the furniture.

When choosing a bedroom furniture piece like a bed, dresser or chest, make sure the legs are firm and stable. If you are buying furniture for a kid’s room, avoid units with sharp corners to avoid accidents and injuries. Consider running your hands over and around the furniture to see if it is smooth. Moreover, give a good check to the nailing, gluing and pasting.

How good is the quality?

As mentioned earlier, when buying furniture, you would certainly want to invest in pieces that can last a good long time. For that, you need to go beyond what the furniture looks like and find as much as you can to ensure its quality.

You don’t have to be an expert to determine the quality of wood furniture. All you have to do is take the time to check the finish, material and construction of the furniture you intend to buy. Generally, quality furniture is made out of hardwood sourced from deciduous trees like oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, walnut, teak and birch. The way a piece is constructed will tell you a lot about its functionality and how long it’s going to last. Look for corner blocks that are bolt to both sides of the interior corners to add to the stability and strength of a unit.

A good quality chest or desk may include dust panels between the drawers which not only keep dust away but also make the furniture structurally stronger. For lateral stability, check if back panels and other unexposed surfaces are sanded smooth and well fitted with screws. Drawers should also be fitted well and have stoppers to prevent them from pulling out or falling. Look for glides in drawers, desks and files cabinets to be able to effortlessly move them from one place to another.

Sanding and staining are the main factors to check the finishing and quality of a furniture piece. A quality unit must be smooth with no rough patches. Improperly sanded wood, on the other hand, produces scratches or dark lines across the surface, negatively affecting the staining results. Inspect the finish by looking at the furniture through different angles and running your hands over to check for scratches and blotchiness.

When you shop from our online Amish furniture outlet, we only provide you the finest quality pieces manufactured by experienced craftsmen that have spent years in the industry. Not just bedroom furniture, but our hardwood kitchen furniture like Amish dining table, bar stools, trestle tables, cabinets and sideboard are made with proven construction methods to offer unmatched quality, functionality, durability and visual appeal.

Do I just want that item, or I really need it?

When buying bedroom furniture, it is a good idea to prioritise your needs over wants in advance, especially if you have a shoestring budget. Making your purchase decisions carefully based on your needs may allow you to even manage some extra cash left over to spend over your “wants”.

Further, depending on how and who is going to use the bedroom furniture you buy, you can decide whether you want some visually aesthetic pieces or something to add to the functionality of your bedroom.

What are must-have bedroom items?

Your list of bedroom furniture might be longer when you are setting up a new home than when you are just remodelling your existing property. While it will largely depend on the size of the room that what all it can accommodate without looking too clumsy, the most basic furniture pieces a bedroom should have are a comfortable bed, bedside table, chair or couch and a dressing table.

If you have ample space, you can consider a coffee table, upholstered bench, a chest of drawers and a mirrored unit. For a kids’ bedroom, you want more storage space in the form of wardrobes and benches besides a bed and a few seating units.

Does it come with matching pieces?

While you will generally spend your money on something that can at least last you a couple of years if not a lifetime, there may come situations where you may need to bring in additional pieces of furniture to meet your needs. For example, you may move to a new home where your bedroom can accommodate bigger sofas and a few extra seating units. Or you may be expecting a baby, thus will need to add a crib. You never know when you may need extra furniture units that you didn’t plan when you first set up your bedroom.

So, make sure beforehand that the furniture pieces you choose are part of a comprehensive range that includes more units to match with your existing furniture or can be complemented with units from another range.

The Final Thought

Whether you are furnishing your bedroom from scratch, switching out your obsolete furniture units for new ones to create a modern theme or making space for a few additional pieces, this guide will make sure you invest in high-quality furniture that helps you to create an appealing yet functional bedroom setting.

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