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Home Office Ideas for a Clean and Classic Look

All around the world millions of people had to scramble and create themselves a home office last year. Now that we’re almost a year into the “work from home” life, it’s likely that some people have converted their extra rooms or set up a desk in the empty corner to give themselves a real workspace.

If you’re still working at the dining room table or sprawled out on the couch (no judgment!) it might be time to look into setting up a permanent home office for yourself. You’ll feel more comfortable and productive throughout the day than you will sitting on that comfy couch of yours!

These days, there’s a huge trend that says home offices have to be modern with straight lines, clean edges, and zero distractions. However, we think that your home office should bring you peace, serenity, and invoke creativity. That’s why we love the putting classic, real-wood pieces in the home office.

Start With The Desk

The staple to any home office is, obviously, the desk. To go with the classic farmhouse style, pick out a desk that’s made of real, solid wood – not particle board and laminate. Those things don’t last very long, anyway.

Choose the style of your desk according to how you want to feel while you’re in your office. You might want to select a dark stain for a warm, pensive atmosphere. Or a pale, wooden desk that has been sealed without stain for light and airy atmosphere.

If you find yourself sitting through most of the day, you might want to consider a sit/stand desk. There is a growing body of research that suggests that long periods of sitting can be bad for your health. Using a height-adjustable desk can increase your energy, boost your productivity, and even lower your risk of disease.

Next, A Chair

The type of chair that you have at your desk says a lot about who you are and the way that you work. Upholstered chairs are perfect for people who work long hours in the creative field, perhaps. They are nice and soft, and their patterns lend inspiration while showing off a little bit of personality.

Dark-colored leather chairs have a more serious tone to them. They are an attractive option to all professionals but may be chosen most often by someone who takes a more neutral approach to their work.

 A Place to Store Your Materials

Some people are “messy desk” people, and others like to keep everything neat and tidy. Either way, you’re going to need somewhere to keep your materials so they’re all in one place. If your desk is overflowing or isn’t equipped with drawers, you’ll likely need a bookcase.

Mass-produced bookcases are made with cheap and flimsy materials that may buckle under the weight of your books. Don’t trade quality for a low price and get your home office a study bookcase made of 100% real wood.

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