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How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

If you walk into your bedroom and feel like it’s cluttered, not functional, or just doesn’t look the way you want it to, don’t worry! You might just need to rearrange a few items. Here are a few tips and tricks that anyone can use to arrange bedroom furniture in a way that makes you feel great every time you stop foot into your room.

1. Don’t Use Unnecessary Furniture

Too many pieces of furniture in your bedroom might be the only reason you’re feeling like it’s not functional. Instead of having multiple sets of drawers, or dressers that are low and wide, consider a single chest of drawers that is taller and skinner than what you have now.

 This Classic Mission Chest measures 40"w x 22"d x 51"h and can make your bedroom feel much bigger, especially if you replace a dresser that is 60” wide, or more.

2. Keep Functionality in Mind

A beautifully designed and decorated bedroom is only going to stress you out if you need the space for anything more than sleeping. If your bedroom also functions as your home office, workout area, craft room, and TV den, you’re going to want to keep all of those activities in mind when picking out furniture.

 The best advice: keep it simple! Mount your TV on the wall in a spot that is easy to see from your bed, place a desk in the corner that can function as your work and hobby space, and make sure you keep an area clear that is a few feet larger than a yoga mat. Always make sure you have your most important bedroom tasks in mind when choosing furniture and a layout.

3. Sketch Your Layout

If you’re a visual person – or just someone who doesn’t want to move furniture around a bunch of times before you find a layout that works – grab a piece of graph paper and create a rough sketch of your bedroom and furniture. Start a new sketch for every new layout idea you have, then compare, contrast, and make changes until you find a layout that looks like it will work.

 If sketching out your bedroom on paper doesn’t sound like something you’re keen on, you can use an app like Home Design 3D for iOS or Floor Plan Creator for Android to create a 3D rendering of your space.

4. Start from your bed

Your bed is likely the largest piece of furniture in your room and the focal point. Make things easy for yourself by first deciding where you want the bed to go and then basing all of your smaller pieces of furniture on its placement. 

You’ll likely want to put your bed on the wall opposite the door or on the largest wall that doesn’t have any windows. Of course, this is just a recommendation – you can design your bedroom any way that makes you feel happiness and most comfortable.

 If your bedroom is particularly small, just worry about placing your bed somewhere that still give you access to the windows and allows you to open your closet and door.

5. Find a Home for The Furniture You Have Before Buying Anything New

It can be really tempting to buy new furniture when you’re refreshing your bedroom, especially when there are such amazing options from Online Amish Furniture, but try to refrain from making any new purchases until you have gotten rid of the pieces of furniture you definitely don’t want and have found a new home for the pieces that you’re keeping.

 This will help you figure out exactly what you need and what you can fit where. It will also help you avoid purchasing more unnecessary furniture that you don’t know where to put! 

Online Amish Furniture has a large selection of bedroom furniture that is completely customizable. It’s easy to find a piece of furniture that your bedroom has been missing or completely redesign your bedroom with a fresh plan in mind. Have any questions about customizing our bedroom furniture options? Give us a call!

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