Ways to Incorporate the Transitional Style Using Amish Furniture

Luckily, transitional style is not hard to pull off but for successful incorporation, you will need to keep the basics in mind. There’s a little more involved in the process than just mixing old and new furniture and decor. Here’s what you need to know.

1). Fabrics like leather, suede and patterned textiles are hallmarks of the transitional style. So, if you are buying Amish furniture, make sure to get upholstered ones.

2). A transitional-style home is not supposed to be high maintenance. In fact, to redecorate your space with a transitional theme, you need focus on elements that feature minimalism. Keep accessories to a minimum.

3). Transitional design color strategy involves vintage-inspired palettes which include extensive tones. Too many color choices can easily overwhelm you. To avoid getting confused and indecisive, stick to a small palette and then go deep on saturation. Like, if brown is your base color, you will need to play around different shades of brown to get that perfect transitional appearance.

4). If opting for a transitional style, be sure to avoid using too many clashing colors. To achieve the contrast effect, pick different shades of the base color.

5). You could incorporate high-gloss mirrors, stainless steel and glass to enhance the aesthetics of your room as reflective surfaces go well with transitional style.

6). Your furniture should feature clean, straight lines with fewer curves and embellishments. You can easily find beautiful solid wood collection at Online Amish Furniture that would suit your needs.

7). Your transitional decor should be sophisticated. You are not required to spend a fortune on your furnishing, but upscaling furniture that ties every room together is necessary for making a statement.

Now that you know the basic ways to incorporate transitional style into your home, go ahead and get the best of both worlds by combining traditional comfort with contemporary aesthetic. Here’s how you can pull it off.

Mix and Match Furniture

To give your room a sophisticated makeover with tasteful transformation, simply mix old furniture pieces with refined modern ones to create the perfect balance between the two. The beauty of a transitional-style room is in the seamless combination of different furniture genres that create an aesthetically pleasing space when put together.

Like for a bedroom, place a demilune console table to highlight the modernity of your upholstered bed.

Use Soft Neutral Tones

When it comes to choosing colors for your bedroom, less is more. Shades like beige, grey, white, ivory and taupe make a great choice for a transitional-style room.

Tufted Furniture

Work your way into tufted headboards, walls and furniture to add variation to your bedroom’s and living room’s texture. Based on your upholstery, tufted finishes can transform the whole aura if smooth textures like leather are used.


Just because you are picking the elements from different time periods, it does not mean you can mess with furniture styles. All the pieces should be picked carefully to complement each other and with the existing decor.

Besides, when adding antiques, be sure to get your hand on sophisticated ones. The material you pick plays an important role in creating drama and contrast in your home.

Presenting Three of the Best Amish Furniture that Fits Perfect in your Transitional Style Setting

Solid wood handcrafted furniture could help you bring the transitional style together. To save yourself some time from thorough research, count on our collection, browse our website and buy Amish furniture. We offer a comprehensive range of real wood furniture that set off your home beautifully. In fact, for transitional style, we offer furniture like

  • Mission Console that would be an impressive piece in a transitional living room.
  • Country mission sofa features a neutral design that blends textile and wood and is a perfect example of handmade Amish furniture for transitional style. The subtle curved arms are understated enough and will work with straight, square-off furniture.
  • Our Lexington bed and other Amish bedroom furniture are good examples of the contemporary style that carries the tradition of wooden furniture making.

That’s not it! There’s plenty more to discover at Online Amish Furniture that can complement any home in the transitional style.

To explore our varied collection, visit us online.

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