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How to Make Your Porch or Patio the Ultimate Place to Relax This Summer

 The long, warm, and sunny days of summer were meant for sipping homemade lemonade with your friends and family in a place where you’re all the most comfortable: at home. A few carefully selected pieces of solid wood furniture will help you transform your porch or patio into a place that is so cozy that you might not even feel the need to travel this summer! Although social distancing restrictions are starting to let up and traveling is working its way back into our lives, there’s still nothing like a summer night on your very own porch or patio.

 Take a look at these selections of Amish-made outdoor furniture. Every piece that is listed here comes with the option to have it painted or stained the color of your choice, so you can make your patio exactly the way you’ve always dreamed. 

  1. Cypress Double Adirondack Chair
Cypress Double Adirondack Chair

This immaculate piece of outdoor furniture would look perfect placed around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. The table between the chairs makes it easy and convenient for you and your guests to place their drinks, bug spray, and citronella candles. Just think about how much fun you’ll have with the people you cherish in your life, swapping stories around the fire as the sun sets and the sky fills with stars! 

  1. Cypress Grandpa Swing
Cypress Grandpa Swing for Sale

Just because this is called the “Grandpa Swing,” that doesn’t mean it’s reserved for grandpas! This solid wood porch swing will look great hanging from your front porch and feel amazing to swing back and forth on. If you are a grandpa, your kids and grandkids will have a blast climbing up on this swing and swaying in the wind. Think of all the memories you and your family will make on hot summer days and cool summer nights on your little patio playground. 

  1. Iron Forge Trestle Table
Iron Forge Trestle Table For Sale

Forget the traditional picnic table this summer – the iron forge trestle table is sturdy enough to last for decades of summers and through every meal, game night, happy hour, and cookout! Online Amish Furniture has a few different options for sizes and tabletop shapes, so you can select the table that fits your patio, porch, or desk the best. 

  1. Cypress Adirondack Glider
Cypress Grandpa Glider For Sale

Cozy up with your loved one in this Adirondack glider. Everything on this piece of outdoor furniture was hand crafted with intention and designed to glide easily and smoothly. Picture yourself and your partner with your arms around one another and a cold beverage in your hand, looking up at the stars in the night sky or watching your little ones run around the yard. Summertime should be about relaxing, and you won’t be able to help relaxing to the max in an Amish-made glider. 

  1. Foosball Table
Foosball Table for Sale

You won’t want to put this foosball table outside, so it’s technically not a piece of outdoor furniture, but it’s the perfect addition to an enclosed porch or sunroom! You and your family will need something to do on those inevitable rainy summer days or when the temperature is too hot to go outside. The great thing about a foosball table is the fact that it can be used year-round, so you don’t have to tuck it away in the garage until next year. Just move it to the basement or family room and you have a fun game to play all year long.

 Bonus Tips

Here are a couple bonus tips for making your patio or porch the ultimate relaxation zone this summer, direct from Online Amish Furniture to you!

  • Install ambient lighting – Don’t stop enjoying the outdoors when the sun goes down! Hang some string lights around your porch railing, line walkways with solar powered lights, and install motion-censored lights for your backyard and driveway.
  • Don’t forget the music – An outdoor speaker system a great idea, but if you live somewhere that only has a few months of summer weather, you might not want to make the investment. In that case, you can invest in a few Bluetooth speakers and connect them to create a surround-sound effect. Then, you can bring them inside in the wintertime!


Keep an eye on Online Amish Furniture’s Outdoor Furniture Collection! You never know what we’re going to come up with next. Poly-Lumber pieces seem to be in our future (and yours!)

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