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Real Wood Furniture: The 2020 Guide

Wood furniture has been popular and in demand among all types of homeowners for centuries. No wonder there is such a wide variety of wooden furniture available in the market these days. The larger the selection, the more choices people have to meet their unique needs. Just like the assortment at Online Amish Furniture - whether you are looking for a single solid wood coffee table or a matching dining room set and kitchen chairs, we have everything you will need to furnish your home just the way you want. With real wood furniture, our craftsmen create timeless pieces that complement the unique theme of your house for years to come.

However, with such a wide variety to choose from, it also becomes more difficult to narrow down the best real wood furniture.

This guide will give an overview on the types of wood used in furniture, their construction, things to keep in mind, like determining your home’s style/theme and measuring the space, to avoid difficulties later.

Types of Furniture Wood

While choosing your furniture, the most important factor to consider is the quality and type of wood. Though most wood types are the same in terms of strength and durability, some may have a better appearance and texture than the others.

Like some woods are light colored or exceptionally smooth while others are quite dark or rough to the touch. Keep your desired traits in mind as you read about the most popular types of furniture wood below.

Ash: Smooth, flexible and one of the lightest options available on the market today. Often used for curved pieces of furniture like kitchen chairs, dining table chairs.

Maple: Maple is another lighter hardwood option available on the market. It is extremely durable, heavy, resistant to moisture and easy to stain or paint. You can find this type of solid wood in different colors for any type of furniture needs.

Oak: Thanks to its hard, heavy-duty nature, oak is considered the most popular type of hardwood used in made furniture. You can either opt to invest in white oak that is light brown or grey shade or choose red oak that has a red tint to it.

Walnut: If you are looking for a slightly darker shade of wooden furniture, just pick walnut. While this wood comes in various shades of brown, a chocolate hue of Walnut tends to be more popular than other woods and is hard without being too heavy.

Think Over Your Home Style
Now when you know some of the most popular woods used in making furniture, you can start your shopping but do not forget to consider the style of your home. After all, you want to pick the furniture that goes well with the colors and themes in your home.

So, take your time, look around your home and note whether your existing furniture is light or dark in shade and then invest in new pieces that closely match with the existing furniture theme.

Besides, you need to also consider the structural theme of your home – whether your abode is modern or traditional – before making the important decision. This is because traditional furniture is often made of dark, heavy wood and features elaborate details such as hand-carved designs or claw-foot legs.

Modern furniture, on the other hand, may be lighter or simpler in color with metal accents. Furniture that harmonizes with the current style of your home will instantly add elegance to your interiors.

Once you understand your home’s style, choosing the real wood furniture won’t be hard.

Consider Construction Details
Another thing to consider before investing in hard wood furniture is how it is constructed. If you notice glue, nails or staples at the joints, the furniture may not be as durable as you’d like.

To know whether the furniture you are buying is robust and high-quality, look for features like interlocking sides, wooden dowels or screws which hold everything together strongly and ensure greater durability.

Measuring the Space Properly Saves Money
To avoid buying an oversized table or couch, it is better to get accurate measurements of the space you are planning to furnish. A wise tip is to use a painter’s tape or lay down cardboards to obtain an actual feel of the specific size that is suitable for the space you have in mind.

Note that you need to get the measurements right as most Amish furniture pieces are handcrafted which means if they no longer fit in your desired place, you’ll be back to square one (sharing your requirements with a craftsman, again!)

Regardless of the furniture type, you can get everything you are looking for in terms of wood and furniture at Online Amish Furniture. Browse through our website and take your favorite piece with you to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

If you are a first-time buyer, however, there are chances that you will get overwhelmed by such a comprehensive range of choices. So, it is important to do your research first to avoid confusion while shopping and complications and regret after your purchase.

Besides, always compare costs and offers of different vendors. There may be a case, you get furniture at reasonable price but whether or not the quality is up to the mark is hard to comment on. So, keep everything into consideration, from the types and styles of wood to the finish and delivery options. The research may take time, but it will all be worth the time and investment.

Furthermore, you should definitely resist the urge to buy impulsively and without doing the necessary research. Apart from the buying tips already mentioned, do spend time reading and understanding product descriptions, especially if you are buying online.

If you need any other information or guidance related to Amish furniture, our furniture specialists are always on hand to help.

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