Gone are the days when you would notice an elegant vintage wingchair in a friend’s home and want to buy the exact same piece for your room. Today, most people prefer buying unique furniture that can’t be easily found in just another house. Finding out that you just spent thousands of dollars on an identical dining table set that two of your neighbours already have can be frustrating, at the very least.

Besides, modern shoppers tend to get easily tempted to what they see in stores or online and buy right off the shelf, so much so that they overlook the fact that things are made to look stunning in showrooms and online displays using different advertising techniques. By that, we don’t mean mass-produced furniture pieces aren’t as good as they look in retail displays, what we mean instead is you shouldn’t forget that your perfect sofa won’t necessarily be lying there in a showroom display and there is always an option to get your ideal piece especially hand-carved by skilled craftsmen to meet your preferences. And this is why Online Amish Furniture was born.

Online Amish Furniture connects people looking for quality custom handmade wood furniture to the people who can produce it. This means, we allow our customers to get their dream furniture pieces handcrafted to meet the exact design and look they have in their mind.

Custom furniture is not just a popular furniture trend, it’s a way to make sure that your furniture piece turns out to be a valuable investment – something that you would love to see daily without getting bored, something that can last generations.   

Though you may need to pay a little extra for your custom made furniture, and it would sure take more time than bringing home a conventional mass-produced furniture piece right away, there are some good reasons why you should still opt for customization when it comes to buying furniture for your home.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some convincing benefits of custom furniture that will help you understand why they are all the rave.


Once you have your mind made up about a particular style; the type that truly reflects your idea of beauty, custom furniture is your ideal option. Customization allows you to work closely with an experienced artisan to share your creative vision and create one-of-a-kind piece that no one else around you has.  

You can get as creative and innovative and as rustic or contemporary as you want. Unlike with mass-produced furniture, you are allowed to experiment with your tastes and turn your idea of furniture into something that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.


Mass production approach involves manufacturing several furniture pieces of identical design with an aim to reduce costs and to fill up retail displays. To get one-of-a-kind designs and quality, you will likely have to visit fancy showrooms and splurge big bucks.

Crafting a one-off model, on the other hand, involves a great level of focus and care which cannot be paralleled by mass-produced pieces. Custom artisans pay attention to every detail specified by the client and treat each piece like a work of art which will represent their craft and artistry. So they take their time using the best materials and techniques to make sure the finished product meets customer expectations.


Imagine visiting several stores to find that exact color of furniture that your kids want in their study room only to find out that they are sensitive to the paint used in that furniture. Now you have to adjust that furniture in your store room or maybe get it crafted into something else to reuse it in some other way – which means a lot of effort, time and money.

Choosing custom furniture eliminates possibilities like that. Instead of settling for cheaper and, sometimes, harmful materials used in conventional furniture pieces, you can have all the flexibility to choose the kind of material, finish, color and design you want for your custom furniture.


One of the best parts about commissioning personalized furniture is that it can be built to the exact fit you want. Perhaps you have a period home that has distinct features like cornices, fireplaces and bay windows which are difficult to fill in with ready-made furnishings. Or maybe you have a crooked floor or wall that you have no idea how to furnish. In such cases, having furniture pieces custom built to your specific room measurements and space conditions is the right solution.


A furniture piece that is crafted by hand using traditional techniques is a keepsake. While an off-the-shelf chair or sofa is nearly disposable or replaceable in a few years, a custom creation is a privilege to keep and to pass on from generation to generation. 

For example, Amish craftsmanship is a long-standing art of carving 100% American wood into fine furniture using only the finest quality materials, unique designs and time-tested techniques. When you invest in authentic Amish custom furniture, you help to preserve a traditional art from getting lost. Not only that, but you can get your furniture custom built to tell a story which can be passed down for generations to come.


Whether you are furnishing your brand new home or remodelling an existing one for a fresh seasonal makeover, choosing Amish custom furniture over off-the-shelf pieces can make a huge difference to your home’s aesthetics and value. Having built and delivered hundreds of custom orders for our clients across the US, we can vouch for the satisfaction and performance the personalized furniture offers.

Besides offering access to an entire world of creativity and authentic Amish craftsmanship, we provide our customer with expert advice on how to care for solid wood furniture – all this to make sure you not only get an ideal furniture piece for your home but you are also able to enjoy the functionality and aesthetics of that piece for years to come without having to face costly repairs or replacements.

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