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Renovate your Ordinary Room into the Perfect Space for the Most Epic Movie Marathon

Cold winter nights, a fireplace to create warmth in the room, a wide screen in the front, bass pumping, a slice of pizza in hand - all while enjoying your favorite movies with your loved ones. Who doesn’t want to experience such a dreamy setting in their home? If you are one of us who loves the idea of enjoying movies at home, here is a blog that’s dedicatedly written to make your theatrical home experience pleasing. Happy reading!

Watching the latest blockbuster movie with your family late at night at the comfort of your bedroom or living room is some of the best memories everyone cherishes while growing up. Maybe that’s where the dream of owning a personal home movie theater starts. But due to its steep price tag, home movie theater was initially a thing of the wealthy.

Fortunately, that is no longer a case. Today, with modern technology and the availability of perfect furniture pieces in the market, everyone can now create their own home theater on a budget. You can find a huge variety of Amish made furniture that turns any basic room into a cozy home theater.

Besides, the way we experience cinema has drastically changed in the last decade. Most people today prefer to stream movies online and connect their devices to the TV for a more personalized theater feel at the comfort of their home rather than going to a movie theater.

To bring home the traditional feeling of watching a movie at a cinema hall, find yourself the right balance between various equipment and build a personal home theater heaven with these useful ideas.

Finding a Dedicated Space

To have a wholesome theater experience, go for the ideal size of a home theater, which is equivalent to 20x13 sq. ft.

To enjoy your home theater setting to the fullest, it’s necessary to find a space that’s isolated from the rest of the house and spacious enough to accommodate all your needs. That’s because when a home theater shares space with other activities, the cinematic experience is affected. Moreover, when the home theater space is shared with any of the non-dedicated open floor plan spaces, like the kitchen, then there would be an invasion of cooking sounds and smells. Additionally, when the theater is the living room, you’ll find it challenging to adjust lights and create the same theatrical aura as for a couple with children, it’s difficult to stop kids from running around.

Be mindful of the amount of natural lighting coming into the room. The ideal space should allow the least natural light to enter, preventing you the hassle of controlling the ambient light.

Controlling the Ambient Light

Before reading further, close your eyes and think about your favorite movie or the memory of a movie you completely loved watching in a cinema hall. Yes! Now you need to build an experience like that. If not similar, something closer, for sure!

For this, you need to first control the amount of light entering into your home as home theaters are built in spaces with limited natural light.

Controlling the Ambient Sound

There’s no doubt that without controlling the natural sound of the surrounding, even the best system would fail to provide you the expected output. Here are some ways you can limit the surrounding sound and make your theater soundproof.

  • Replace any hollow wooden doors with quality solid wood doors. This will help absorb all the ambient sound from different surroundings.
  • Secure the walls of the room by applying a layer of drywall.
  • If the above measures aren’t enough, add curtains that not only block the extra light but ambient sound as well.

Build a Proper A/V System

 Now when the task of cutting the ambient sound and light is complete, it’s time to build a perfect sound system.

If you have created a theater in a small room, surround sound can be created even with the simplest of speakers when place strategically. But for a larger room, it’s difficult to have an experience of a fully functional home theater without investing in high-end speakers.

Getting the Seat Right is Above Everything

Comfort is one of the aspects you need to look after when talking about a home theater. Try having a wide assortment of seats, from bean bags to recliners and love seats.

Go for the seats that are comfortable and allow you to enjoy your favorite movies without any back pain. Moreover, here are a few furniture pieces that can enhance the feel of your home theater.

1). Sofa Seating

The comfort of seating is paramount when you have a dedicated room that’s primarily used to binge watch your favorite movies and series. Every sofa seat should offer the best seating experience in the room. You have to take both comfort and view in consideration.

2). Recliner Seating

Another important thing that makes your home theater experience more enjoyable is the availability of recliner seating. Not only do they take up less space than a traditional sofa and are more comfortable to lean on, but they also add a dash of stylish appeal to your movie-watching space.

Entertainment Center

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may want to use a TV stand with the fireplace underneath or simply hang the TV on the wall or maybe create a more traditional entertainment center. We offer a diverse range of TV cabinets, CD, DVD and stereo stands that will help you create an organized and functional home center setting.

Wrapping Up

The last words we’d like to have is regarding the setting. The entire set up is as important as the right equipment. When you think of creating your personalized movie theater, you need to think about every aspect that relates to the home cinema, including the usage of furniture.

Carefully upgrading one aspect of the entire set up can level up the overall performance and feel of the home theater. Just be sure to make movie-watching comfortable for everyone around.

At Online Amish Furniture, we help you find the best furniture that serves your needs and transforms the appeal of your room the way you want, in an instant. As an online furniture company, we know how important is to select the perfect piece for home that fit in your space within the budget. That’s why, our craftsmen pay detailed attention to each of your requirement and present you with durable, functional and aesthetically appealing handmade Amish furniture

All our handmade wood furniture pieces are created with utmost care and are sure to last for many generations.

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