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Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces and Furniture with These Go-To Tips

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners who like to extend their living spaces in order to accommodate their outdoor family fun and entertainment time.

While interior design magazines make it look like that living outdoor spaces are only a part of celebrity houses and royal properties, you can also have one in your abode with the guidelines we are going to share with you.

First Things First

  •  Get your measurements right

You don’t want to shell out big cash to bring home a lavish furniture piece that doesn’t fit in. Buying furniture merely by the looks of it, can cost you money and a lot of disappointment. So be sure to measure exact feet and inches around your horizonal and vertical outdoor space which can be used to accessorize.

  • Decide how you want to use the space

Sharing week-round gossips with family or friends over laid-back weekends, cozying up with your partner with a glass of wine around a warm fire or enjoying evening snacks after a hectic day at work? Of course, there will be so many things you would love to do in your outdoor living space, but we suggest writing down a specific situation or purpose you would want to use your outdoor area ideally for.

  • Consider your weather

Do you live near the seacoast? Does it rain too often in your region? Is the weather usually hot or dry in your area? Ask yourself all these questions before investing in any outdoor furniture.

Here’s why –Windy conditions can cause aluminum furniture to fly, wicker furniture will not be able to withstand constant exposure to moisture and hot, dry weather can make poor quality wood crack. At Online Amish Furniture, we carry furniture pieces that are made from materials such as cypress, treated pine and poly-lumber which have been used for thousands of years owing to their durability and resistance against harsh weather conditions.

  • Comfort is a must, aesthetics is secondary

Who wouldn’t like an elegant vintage furniture piece with an elaborate texture to sit amid their outdoor space catching attention of every passerby? But regardless of the beauty of your outdoor furniture, you will ultimately use your outdoor furniture to unwind. So, make sure the furniture you purchase, make for a relaxing and functional outdoor setting.

  • Make some storage space

In some weather conditions, even covers may not provide enough protection to your outdoor furniture. So, it is important to have some storage space for your outdoor furniture in case of adverse weather conditions. If you can’t manage extra storage space for the furniture, consider investing in furniture pieces that can be folded flat or that can also be used indoors.

  • Heed your budget

Remember that in the end, you will bring home furniture that you can afford and not necessarily which you had your eyes on. It is advised to set your budget beforehand and try to find the best outdoor furniture in your range.

  • Have no clue about design? Check out Pinterest

Browsing through tons of pictures on Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming, but it is worth it to gather some ideas and execute them with some addition and proper planning.

These were some foremost steps. Now let’s get you acquainted with fundamental tips which we sourced from exterior design and remodeling pros, to help you design a perfect outdoor space

  • Bring in Fabrics

Outdoor fabric has been around for years, but the options for outdoor design fabric have definitely come a long way. You can choose from a comprehensive range of patterns, colors, textures and weights out there. Apart from aesthetic properties, consider the season and climate in your region when picking your outdoor fabrics.

  • Incorporate double duty furniture pieces

As much as you like to use your outdoor space as a party spot, you wouldn’t be probably hosting parties every night. Ideally, an outdoor space is to live in and that’s what you need to keep in mind when buying outdoor furniture. So, instead of buying a long patio table, you may invest in two or three small tables and butt them together to use as a whole when needed or separately for a small gathering.

  • Splurge on a centerpiece

No matter how much you want to incorporate opulent contemporary furniture into your outdoor living space which you can brag about to your visitors, you can’t fill your entire space with those expensive furniture pieces and disrupt the outdoor design balance. It is recommended to choose a single piece to be regarded as the center point of your outdoor space such as a vintage ottoman or a swing chair. Solid wood Amish furniture can be an ideal centerpiece pick for both contemporary and vintage exterior settings. Being a reputed Amish furniture online outlet, Online Amish Furniture offers a curated selection of outdoor poly-lumber and wood furniture that features unparalleled craftmanship and quality.

While all these tips will definitely help you create a perfect outdoor living space in your home, remember that it’s you and your family who have to live in and use that space. So, don’t hesitate to experiment with your choices and ideas that suit your personality and lifestyle.

Moreover, you can always check out the exclusive range of Amish outdoor furniture at Online Amish Furniture which includes everything from Adirondack chairs, gliders and ottomans to swings, benches and picnic tables.

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