Catching up on work from the comfort of your living room sofa always seemed like a great satisfaction-up until it became a full-time affair. When the COVID-19 hit the work earlier last year, it forced employees to work from home. During that time, many of us discovered that such improvised setups can become wormholes of household clutter eventually nagging family members and ergonomic struggle.

With big companies like Facebook and Twitter adopting working from home as the new normal, designing the home office space in a way that boosts productivity is top of mind once again. Whether used every day or for an occasional brainstorm evening with the team, a well-designed home office corner or space can help eliminate distractions, allow you to focus on work and inspire creativity.

It’s no wonder that home office furniture was a popular purchase for many professionals in 2020 and the shopping trend doesn’t seem to go anywhere as long as the pandemic stays.

If you are also working from home and haven’t set up your personal office space yet, this blog will give you some great inspirations for your home office setup.


Before we discuss the most popular home office furniture pieces, note that you need not necessarily invest in all typical office furniture and clutter the space. The motive is to create a space that allows you to focus on your work, avoid distractions and stay inspired to be productive.

Based on your preferences and what furniture makes you feel comfortable, you may opt for any furniture piece to place in your office space, like a dining room table or a coffee table paired with a couch. So, keep your selection wide and open as you browse American wood furniture options for your home office. It is important that you like your home space environment as you liked your workspace in the office, so you can get best work done.  

Here are a few furniture pieces to make your home office a reflection of who you are.


How many hours do you spend in a day working while sitting in one place? It would be probably 8- 9 hours which makes comfort a priority. And this could only happen when you invest in an ergonomic chair, a desk of the correct height and other essential furniture which makes the workspace efficient instead of slowing down your work.

Investing in the right chair for your home workspace will make a huge difference to your comfort and productivity. At Online Amish Furniture, we understand how important comfort is when you are working from home and offer a comprehensive range of office chair to choose from, including Acadia office chair, Mynda desk chair, Wyndlot desk chair, Bradbury office chair and many more.


The setup of a productive workstation starts with a good desk. It builds an office-like atmosphere and provides much-needed assistance for ease of work. With an appropriate computer desk, you can maintain the correct posture that provides proper comfort for prolonged work hours and promote better health. A traditional computer desk with doors and drawers perfectly holds smaller supplies and important documents.

The presence of a Morgan desk at your place will make you feel like a top-level employee. The desk is made of real solid wood and features a sturdy look. At Online Amish Furniture, we allow customers to customize their wood and stain to choose the desk color. This not only helps you to achieve a certain look in your home office space but with customized furniture and wood stain, you can easily match your desk with another piece of wood around the space.


Unlike office premises, homes don’t have specific people monitoring the documents or a space to keep the credentials. But now when most people are working from home, it’s possible that your room has turned messy and unorganized because of papers scattered here and there. As you are only responsible for ensuring that nothing gets lost, you try your best to keep everything together but without proper space you are bound to fail. Using something like filing cabinets in your home office can help ensure that important documents are always kept oragnized and well stored to be accessed anytime needed.

Having enough storage space is essential for keeping your home office organized and clutter-free. Common home office storage solutions include:

  • Desks with in-built drawers
  • Drawers
  • Stationary cupboards

Our Amish made filing cabinets are available in two, three or four drawer models in Mission, Shaker and Traditional styles and also in lateral file cabinet versions. All Amish file cabinets feature English dovetailed drawer boxes and full extension ball bearing drawer gliders for keeping all office supplies collectively.


Whether you have a home office or not, a bookcase is always a useful purchase. It is especially popular amongst people who love filling their space with books and keeping documents in an organized way inside files. While browsing your options online, you will come across various types of bookcases - from an open bookcase that fits perfectly in smaller spaces to large bookcases that can hold not just the books but houseplants, office supplies, decorations and more.

To give your home office space a mid-century feel, go for a dark and light grain bookcase piece. Such a piece will help you draw visitors’ attention and make a significant visual statement in your home office.

Online Amish Furniture offers bookcases in different styles – all of which are made of real wood and look great in every space. Choose your options wisely as some bookcases don’t suit decorations like picture frames, plants and candles.


An ideal home office should bring out your most productive-self, hence must be designed to your style and taste.

Being a popular store for Amish furniture in Indiana, Online Amish Furniture offers sturdy and authentic pieces that stand the test of time. And that is why our customers count on our handcrafted furniture pieces for their home and offices. Each piece of furniture is handmade and designed to be a lifelong investment.

Browse our online store to pick your favorite furniture; you can also contact us directly to have your Amish furniture custom built to match your home woods, stain colors and sizes.

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