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Handmade Wood Furniture

The right furniture turns a house into a home. We believe every home has a unique story and no matter what your story sounds like, we provide you with thoughtfully conceived, beautifully designed and masterfully crafted furniture to complement your home.  

It’s not hard to find online stores out there selling furniture at cheap prices, but it’s also easy to make out how they are made of inferior wood substitutes with subpar polishing and finishing. Just as many consumers still settle for inferior wood furniture just to save a few bucks, a large population of USA is increasingly looking for high-quality American made Amish wood furniture. Online Amish Furniture bridges the gap between those consumers and exclusive Amish wood variety. Nothing can add rustic charm and functionality to your home like Amish handmade wood furniture. Our custom handmade wood furniture derives from our innate flair for creativity and immense respect and dedication for the industry we work in.


Wooden furniture is deemed timeless and appealing, but Amish wood furniture which 100% made in the USA is a class apart. Many companies and manufacturers that claim to sell American made furniture usually have their pieces built overseas and complete the last manufacturing stage in the USA to label their assortment as “Made in America”. At Online Amish Furniture, we take pride in our superior quality heirloom collection that is completely made of authentic American wood in the USA.

Proven traditional manufacturing methods combine with respectfully sourced natural materials and years of craftsmanship to deliver handmade wood furniture that speaks volumes. With a deep understanding of the complex nature of wood and a dedication to precision and skill in craft, we design and offer unique handmade wood furniture that is built to last a lifetime. Each piece is an embodiment of our client’s idea and the intended use of the furniture – nothing more, nothing less. Whether you are ready for new beginnings in your brand-new home or want to upgrade your interior theme to keep up with the modern aesthetics, rest assured that our creative team has the expertise and experience to bring dreams of awe-struck homes into life.


Online Amish Furniture specializes in rustic home furnishings, but that doesn’t mean we are far from modern style statements. Our work is predicated as much on cutting-edge aesthetics as on quaint traditions. When designing our furniture, we remain true to the ideals and techniques that have been inherited to us by the craftsmen and designers of the past while continuing to evolve our aesthetics.

No two wood boards have the same grain patter, same texture or character, so every piece of Amish wood we furniture we built here is distinctive – like no other. Each piece of wood is hand-picked by our veteran craftsmen to ensure that every design is quintessential and timeless. The intention behind our designs is to glorify the long-standing Amish heritage and reveal the unmatched craft mastered over decades in the pursuit of perfection.

Crafted from solid oak, cherry, maple, hickory, walnut and elm, our well-designed furniture units stand for simplicity and grace that can’t be imitated by any other manufacturer.


 Whether you have a distinct taste or a unique space that is quite challenging to decorate, the eternal appeal of superior handmade wood and custom craftsmanship await you at Online Amish Furniture. At its core, Online Amish Furniture is about collaborating with homeowners and understanding the specific needs of each project, whatever the scale, to build deliver custom handmade furniture that you can find nowhere else. Our custom manufacturing process focuses on modern innovation to build future-proof designs and traditional artistry to support the skills of our workers who have spent years crafting pieces for a lifetime of appreciation and use.

Creating a unique space – indoor or outdoor for someone, is a challenge. People put their trust in us to make their homes livelier and more functional, so it’s a delicate responsibility for our team to not just leverage our mastery of craft, style or color, but also put diligent care into understanding our clients, their story, needs, their expectations and everything that goes into furnishing a beautiful home. As the last bastion of custom handmade furniture made out of 100% Amish wood, we help you make your home the special place you have been longing for.

From living room chairs to bathroom vanities, bedroom chests and dressers, home office cabinets and kitchen islands, we have a diverse furniture line that is made to be part of your home for many years to come and can be customized to complement your home’s wooden interiors, grain colors or styles.

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