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3 Ways to Use Barrister Bookcases in A Modern Setting


Although the digital age might have rendered barrister bookcases - bookcases comprised of glass-fronted cabinets that could be dismantled and used to carry heavy legal books to court - defunct, it's impossible not to appreciate their aesthetics. When used for something other than book storage, the barrister's unique combination of design and function is truly stunning. 

Here are three different ways to use the barrister bookcase.

Use One as A Bar

Fill a barrister bookcase with glasses and liquor, and you'll have yourself an effective bar that can compete with any bar cart. The glass-fronted cabinets safeguard easily breakable bottles while allowing you to display your collections. The best part is that the numerous bookshelf compartments can efficiently divide basic barware into easy-to-grab-and-go categories. You can use one shelf for bottles and another for glassware. Another for books on barware and bowls stuffed with barware items like jiggers, cocktail picks, and much more.

Use One as Kitchen Storage

Whether you use it to store cooking equipment, pantry items, or serveware, the barrister bookcase is perfect for your kitchen. If you're struggling to find space in your cabinets, the barrister bookcase offers the added benefit of looking like an extension of custom cabinetry. You can paint one in the same shade as the cabinets for a more dramatic effect. Because these bookcases have glass fronts, going that further mile to ensure that you keep your pantry essentials neat is highly recommended. Switching out open boxes with glass weck jars or Mason Jars can make a huge difference.

Use One as Closet Storage 

There's a good chance that, unless you've been able to spend a few bucks on a custom closet, you've had to figure out how to organize your shoes or sweaters. With its sleek profile, the barrister bookcase can be easily incorporated into any closet to offer ample storage. Use separate compartments for the bookshelf to store folded items such as jeans or sweaters. Contrary to open shelving, the glass fronts will keep sweaters from toppling or shoes from falling. Make other compartments using small baskets to corral items like socks, scarves, jewelry, and cosmetics.

How Much do Barrister Bookcases Cost?

The cost of a barrister bookcase can vary in relation to the quality and design of the item. The most stylish, elegant, and antique barrister bookcases for barristers are the 19th-century antique, ranging from $500 to $4000. The worth of the Barrister Bookcase is contingent on the number of units that can be stacked and the manufacturer.

Antique Barrister Bookcase

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