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Furniture for a Rustic Kitchen

Kitchens with a rustic feel may be all the rage right now, but the wonderful thing about them is that they’re absolutely timeless. Rustic kitchen furniture has the ability to make your home immediately feel cozy and homey. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home! It’s the place where your family makes coffee and breakfast to get the day started and then rejoin all together for dinner. With a few carefully selected pieces of rustic kitchen furniture, you can make your kitchen not only feel like the heart of the home – but look like it, too.

Rustic kitchen furniture is really all about statement pieces – 100% real wood pieces that will withstand the test of time. Through the years, your rustic kitchen furniture will be there for so many important moments. When the time comes, you can pass it down to the next generation with all of the memories that your family made together at home.

Here are a few statement pieces for your rustic kitchen furniture inspiration:

Amish Kitchen Island

A sturdy island is a piece of rustic kitchen furniture that every home should have. Kitchen islands add a little bit of extra counterspace and storage while allowing

little helpers to have their very own cooking space when helping with meals.

If you’re low on space, kitchen islands can double as a breakfast bar so you can turn your rustic kitchen into an eat-in dining area.

Rustic Bar Stools

No Amish kitchen island would be complete without a rustic bar stool. Bar stools are no longer just for bars – they’re pieces of rustic kitchen furniture that can be used in eat-in kitchens, breakfast nooks, or to give the little ones a “leg up” when they want to join in on the cooking fun.

Rustic Kitchen Hutch

Hutches are large pieces of rustic furniture that are absolutely classic. They can be used as an extension of a buffet table, for storing extra kitchenware, or for

displaying fine items like crystal or China. A rustic kitchen hutch is certainly a statement piece. It can be large enough to take up a whole wall! Hutches are perfect for those who need extra cabinet space or have been looking for just the thing to tie their rustic kitchen furniture all together.

Pub Tables

Sometimes, the dining room just feels too formal to eat your everyday meals. A pub table is a perfect piece of rustic kitchen furniture to put in your kitchen for those quick and casual meals. They’re also perfect for smaller homes or apartments that don’t have a dining room but still want that complete rustic kitchen feel.

 Rustic Kitchen Furniture for Everyone

We have a wide selection of rustic kitchen furniture and more in our online shop. Each piece is handmade by the Amish community and can be 100% customized to fit your exact needs – right down to the dimensions and stains. Give us a call if you have any questions about our rustic kitchen furniture selection!

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